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12 May 2010
W&G Partner Kent Bressie Teaches Master Class at SubOptic 2010, the Premier Undersea Telecommunications Conference, in Yokohama, Japan

WASHINGTON, D.C., May 12, 2010
Wiltshire & Grannis LLP partner Kent Bressie has just completed teaching a master class, "Eight Myths About Undersea Cables, and Strategies for Dispelling Them to Achieve More Reasonable and Rational Regulation" at SubOptic 2010—the premier forum for the undersea telecommunications industry—in Yokohama, Japan.  Mr. Bressie's master class provided undersea cable operators, suppliers, and service providers with the tools for combating ignorance about undersea cables and thereby improving government policies and regulations, reducing infrastructure costs, and expediting deployment and repair timeframes.
Undersea telecommunications cables carry the vast majority of international telephone and Internet traffic and are of paramount importance to the global economy, national security, and many basic human activities.  Governments and the general public, however, continue to believe in various myths about undersea cables—to the extent they are aware of undersea cables at all—thereby complicating the installation, operation, and maintenance of undersea cable systems around the globe.  Mr. Bressie's master class sought to educate participants about these knowledge gaps and participants to combat these misunderstandings.
Mr. Bressie is an expert on telecommunications regulation and international trade and investment and leads Wiltshire & Grannis's international practice.  He regularly represents undersea cable operators, wireline and wireless carriers, and infrastructure suppliers in all aspects of their businesses, including communications and environmental permitting, market access and foreign investment, national security and law enforcement, export controls and economic sanctions, and the law of the sea.

SubOptic (the organization) exists to promote the undersea telecommunications industry and educate its members.  Its triennial conference—this year taking place in Yokohama, Japan and focused on enabling the next generation of networks and services—is the premier gathering for the undersea telecommunications industry, with master classes, industry workshops, and an exhibit hall designed to foster the exchange of information and ideas. 
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Kent D. Bressie