HWG Regulatory Advisory: California Energy Efficiency Proposal for Computers, Computer Monitors, and Signage Displays

April 01, 2016

The California Energy Commission (CEC) has issued draft proposed regulations for mandatory energy efficiency standards for computers, computer monitors, and signage displays.  Industry and other interested parties have an opportunity to participate in the CEC proceedings.  If adopted, the California standards could well become de facto national and even worldwide standards.  California standards are backed by severe sanctions, including civil penalties up to $2,500 per unit.

The draft proposed regulations and revised draft staff report will be considered at a CEC workshop on April 26, 2016.  The goal is to examine the draft standards and their cost effectiveness, technical feasibility, and electricity savings.  Written comments can be submitted by May 16, 2016.  Thereafter, CEC will issue a final proposal for public comment and adoption.

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Harris, Wiltshire & Grannis has a strong energy efficiency practice, including before the CEC.  The practice is headed by Scott Blake Harris, who recently served as General Counsel of the U.S. Department of Energy.  It is supported by John Hodges, who has more than thirty years of experience in energy efficiency.

This client advisory is not intended to convey legal advice.  It is circulated to our clients as a convenience and is not intended to reflect or create an attorney-client relationship as to its subject matter.



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