Kent Bressie to Speak about the National-Security and Foreign-Policy Regulation of Undersea Cables at International Cable Protection Committee in Lisbon, Portugal

April 12, 2012

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Wiltshire & Grannis LLP partner Kent Bressie will speak at the Plenary Meeting of the International Cable Protection Committee (“ICPC”) to be held in Lisbon, Portugal April 17-19, 2012.  Kent’s presentation, “A Primer on National-Security and Foreign-Policy Restrictions Affecting Ownership, Installation, and Maintenance of Undersea Cables” will explain what governments mean when they talk about national security, how they regulate national security aspects of undersea cables, and how such regulation can affect undersea cable ownership and operation.  It also seeks to sensitize the undersea cable industry to the need to address such concerns at the earliest stages in of project financing, business planning, procurement, and operational processes.

Kent is an expert on telecommunications regulation and international trade and investment and leads Wiltshire & Grannis’s international practice.  He regularly represents undersea cable operators, wireline and wireless carriers, and infrastructure suppliers in all aspects of their businesses, including communications and environmental permitting, market access and foreign investment, national security and law enforcement, export controls and economic sanctions, and the law of the sea.

ICPC is an international organization devoted to the protection of undersea cables from natural and human hazards and to supporting projects, programs, laws, and regulations beneficial to the protection of undersea cables.  ICPC develops professional recommendations relating to undersea cable planning, installation, operation, maintenance, and protection.  Founded in 1958, ICPC currently has 122 members (including telecommunications companies, governments, cable ship operators, cable survey companies, and scientific organizations) representing more than 60 nations.

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