Fast Start in 2023 on Energy Efficiency

Boost to DOE Energy Efficiency Programs

Fusion: Not a Near-Term or Mid-Term Substitute for Energy Efficiency


Energy Efficiency: Offramp on “Highway to Climate Hell”?

FTC Explores Changes to Energy Labeling Rule, Right to Repair

Climate Change, Energy Shocks Increase Focus on Energy Efficiency

Inflation Reduction Act Accelerates Biden Energy Efficiency Agenda

DOE Reorganizes and Presses Ahead on Energy Efficiency

DOE’s Continued Push for Energy Efficiency

DOE Starts Proceeding on Energy Efficiency Standards for External Power Supplies

DOE Energy Efficiency Activity Pushes Forward in 2022


DOE Amends Energy Efficiency Interim Waiver Rule

DOE Amends Energy Efficiency Process Rule

Energy Efficiency Initiatives Dramatically Escalate Here and Abroad

DOE Continues Sprint to Update Energy Efficiency Rules

DOE Continues Rollback of Trump-Era rules; Updates Other Energy Efficiency Rules

DOE Proposes Changes to the Energy Efficiency Interim Waiver Process

DOE Proposes More Changes to Trump-Era Energy Efficiency Process Rule

DOE Drops Trump-Era Rule on Guidance Documents  

DOE Proposes to Amend Energy Efficiency Process Rule

DOE Proposes to Eliminate Rule on Guidance

DOE Grapples with Prioritization and Other Energy Efficiency Issues

Biden Administration Focuses on Energy Efficiency


DOE Proposes Revisions to Energy Enforcement Regime

DOE Amends Efficiency Rulemaking Procedures; Proposes Amended Standards Selection

Push to Shrink Digitalization’s Carbon Footprint


Court of Appeals Rejects DOE Delay in Publishing Efficiency Rules

Compliance Planning for California IoT Security Requirements

States Ramp Up Energy Efficiency Requirements

DOE Proposes Significant Changes to Lighting Efficiency Rules

California Dramatically Escalates Energy Efficiency Enforcement

DOE Proposes to Amend Efficiency Rulemaking Procedures

Sizzling World Presses Industry for Energy Efficiency

DOE Proposes Eliminating Bottleneck in Energy Efficiency Waiver Process

Court Rejects DOE Stay of Test Procedures Rule


Court Orders DOE to Publish Efficiency Rules

DOE Battery Charger Standards Take Effect in Five Months: Are You Ready?

DOE Requests Information About Smart Appliances and Equipment


Whither Energy Star: Changes Debated for Longstanding Efficiency Program

Congress, Administration Grapple Over Energy Efficiency Programs

California Proposes Amendments to Energy Efficiency Rules for Computers

California Adopts Efficiency Rules for Computer Innovation

DOE Considers Market-based Approach to Energy Efficiency

California Adopts Energy Efficiency Rules for Computers, Computer Monitors, and Signage Displays

DOE Seeks Input on Energy Efficiency Flexibilities

DOE Releases Game Plan on Energy Efficiency, Natural Gas Exports, National Labs, and NEPA

California Presses Forward with New Energy Efficiency Standards


Doubling Down: Energy Efficiency Penalties Skyrocket

New Efficiency Rules for Computers and Computer Monitors Move Forward

California Proposes Efficiency Rules for Computers, Computer Monitors, and Signage Displays

California Energy Efficiency Proposal for Computers, Computer Monitors, and Signage Displays


Op-Ed: The 40-Year Legacy of Energy Efficiency Legislation

Op-Ed: Upping the Ante: California’s Draconian New Efficiency Enforcement Rule

DOE Again Proposes Energy Conservation Standards for Battery Chargers

Op-Ed: CPP is an Opportunity for Appliance and Equipment Industry



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