As we generate and disclose more and more information in the course of our everyday lives—and as companies continue to build innovative new products and services by putting our data to use—lawmakers, regulators, and the courts are reacting more strongly to concerns about privacy, data security, and the costs and benefits of data collection and analytics for people’s everyday lives. At the same time, law enforcement and other government agencies continue to place escalating demands on private companies to disclose customer and commercial data, while acting increasingly as stewards of sensitive information themselves. When managed incorrectly, these risks can lead to multi-million dollar lawsuits, unwanted regulatory scrutiny, and outright customer revolt. And these considerations promise to play an even larger strategic role as businesses continue to harness data-driven technologies and expand partnerships with service providers that handle and process sensitive information.

We provide business leaders with the in-depth legal analysis and advocacy necessary to effectively manage these data stewardship responsibilities. Our deep understanding of the overlapping state, federal, and international frameworks that define this area of law—and the underlying technology that creates the need for it in the first place—allows us to provide comprehensive representation to clients on the collection, security, and use of personally identifiable information. We leverage our firm’s years of experience with the communications, infrastructure, technology, digital marketing, aerospace, defense, energy, and legal sectors to offer tailored and practical representation to clients in these industries.

Areas of Concentration

Data and Discrimination

Data Security

Law Enforcement and Government Access to Information




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