Litigation is almost never anyone’s dream come true, but sometimes fighting is the only way to vindicate important legal rights.  At HWG, we pride ourselves on our ability to take cases to trial when our clients’ interests demand it.  Our staffing is lean because lean staffing raises quality and lowers costs.  Our pre-litigation counseling is relentlessly realistic because a successful conclusion to litigation often depends on sound decisions at the front end.  Our advocacy is vigorous throughout; we take particular pride in consistently preparing the highest quality written work on every brief, motion, and pleading we submit on behalf of our clients.  If the case goes to trial, we’ll be ready with our experienced team of trial lawyers.  In fact, we believe our experience and ability to take cases to trial and win enhances our ability to negotiate favorable settlements when the client desires a non-judicial resolution.

We have experience in a wide range of criminal and civil matters, and we’re always ready for something new as well.  You can learn more about a few areas of concentration by clicking through the links below.

Areas of Concentration


Audits and Enforcement

Bid Protests and Procurement Litigation

Commercial Litigation

Criminal Defense

Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and Other Anti-Corruption Measures

Government Investigations

Internal Investigations

Litigation Finance

Securities Litigation

Telecom Litigation



At HWG, we’re always looking for smart, talented people to add to our team.


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