Executive and administrative agencies, both state and federal, sometimes overstep legal limits on their power and injure the legitimate interests of law-abiding citizens.  Such cases pose special challenges, and sadly, government agencies rarely settle unless and until they can see that disaster awaits them at trial.

Particularly when the aggrieved party is a public employee, or a commercial entity that will continue to be regulated by the same government actors who are already behaving illegally, litigation must be conducted in a way that is both forceful and measured, lest precious credibility be squandered on dubious points.  That takes more than aggressive lawyering; it takes smart lawyering as well.

Representative Matters

  • Achieved complete exoneration of scientist wrongly identified with the anthrax attacks of 2001.
  • Prevented enforcement of agency regulations that interfered with rights of lawyers and clients to consult freely about pending legal controversies.
  • Obtained federal injunction against state attempts to impose regulations preempted by federal law.



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