Associates & Summer Associates

Associates at Harris, Wiltshire & Grannis are expected to perform as lawyers, not assistant lawyers.  Our associates do not merely provide research support; they regularly draft motions, briefs, and agency comments, interact directly with clients, communicate with opposing counsel, meet with government officials and regulators, take depositions, and appear in court.   Naturally, this kind of responsibility for the client’s interests sometimes requires hard work on nights or weekends or at otherwise inconvenient times—just like at any other decent law firm.  But at HWG, night and weekend work is considered an exceptional response to pressing necessity.  And when it is necessary, the partners and associates will usually be working side by side.

Unlike many larger firms, Harris, Wiltshire & Grannis hires full-time associates only when two conditions are satisfied.  First, we must actually need the help.  Second, there must be a candidate available whom we fully expect to become a superb lawyer and a trusted colleague.  Fortunately, these two conditions are met several times a year, so we are always happy to receive expressions of interest from strong candidates.  Applicants must possess superlative writing ability and a record of the very highest academic achievement.  Successful applicants must be affable in spite of their previous successes.

We particularly encourage applications from judicial clerks, who sometimes become familiar with our firm only during their clerkship year.  Attorneys at the firm have clerked at U.S. Courts of Appeal and U.S. District Courts around the country; despite our size, we also have two attorneys who clerked at the U.S. Supreme Court.  We value clerks’ exposure to the judicial decision-making process and their typically strong legal research and writing skills. In recognition of such experience, we offer competitive bonuses to lawyers who join the firm following clerkships.

We also encourage applications from well-qualified lateral candidates (particularly those with one to three years of experience) who share the firm’s dedication to professionalism and collegiality.  We understand that a lateral move is an important career change for an associate, and we are committed to integrating lateral associates into our practice as smoothly as possible and to providing them every opportunity to continue to develop both professionally and personally.

Our summer associate program provides an excellent opportunity for high-achieving law school students to develop meaningful and tangible experience in the practice of law, working side by side with our lawyers. Applicants should apply in the fall to participate in our program the following summer. We also interview on-campus for summer associate candidates at selected law schools.

To apply

please send a cover letter, your resume, your law school transcript, and a legal writing sample to

Note that we are no longer accepting applications for our 2020 summer associate program.



At HWG, we’re always looking for smart, talented people to add to our team.


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