Rashmi Doshi

Technology Policy Advisor


Rashmikant (Rashmi) Doshi, Ph.D. is a technology policy advisor with HWG LLP, who help clients navigate compliance issues with regulators at the FCC and throughout the world.

Prior to joining HWG, Dr. Doshi served as the Chief of the Laboratory Division of the FCC’s Office of Engineering and Technology for seventeen years.

At the FCC, Dr. Doshi led the FCC’s Laboratory engineering staff in the evaluation of advanced wireless technologies for efficient use of wireless spectrum and the development of compliance procedures for new radio-frequency devices in accordance with the FCC technical rules.

He also managed the FCC’s equipment authorization program and was responsible for supervising, directing and managing Telecommunications Certification Bodies (TCBs) in the US and countries with whom the US has established Mutual Recognition Agreements.

Dr. Doshi led the FCC team charged with developing practical interpretations of the commission’s technical rules and publishing them in guidance documents.

Dr. Doshi has frequently presented on issues related to equipment authorization and the related FCC technical rules. He has also managed several technical research projects to support the development of FCC technical rules for new radio services and spectrum usage.

Prior to serving at the FCC, Dr. Doshi held management positions in the telecommunications industry. He was the Executive Director for network architecture at NYNEX (now Verizon) Science and Technology where he led the development of advanced network switching and communications technology for use by telecommunications operators. He also worked on the development of intelligent and virtual network architectures as well as fiber networks.

He obtained his Ph.D. in Digital Signal Processing from the University of Southampton (U.K.) and B.S. from the University of London (U.K.).



University of Southampton, Ph.D.

University of London, B.S.



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