W&G Partner Kent Bressie to Speak on Undersea Cable Regulation at SubOptic 2013 in Paris, France

April 12, 2013

WASHINGTON, D.C., April 12, 2013

Wiltshire & Grannis LLP partner Kent Bressie will deliver two speeches and make a separate presentation on undersea cable regulation at SubOptic 2013—the premier forum for the undersea telecommunications industry—to be held between April 22 and 25, 2013, in Paris, France.

First, Kent will speak about coping effectively with national-security regulation of undersea cables.  The threats of terrorist and cyber attacks have significantly increased scrutiny of undersea cable infrastructure and services to protect national security, ensure access for surveillance, and secure government communications.  These initiatives can impose costly compliance burdens, delay market entry and investment, and interfere with contracting and procurement decisions.

Second, Kent will speak about the opportunities and risks with sensor deployments on telecom-marine data cables.  Facilities combining commercial telecommunications transmission and marine data-gathering capabilities do not fit neatly within the jurisdictional categories recognized under international law, complicating efforts to deploy such cables for ocean and climate monitoring and tsunami warning.

Finally, Kent will present about how best to manage marine spatial conflicts with alternative energy facilities.  Rising energy prices, environmental concerns, and technological advances have encouraged the development and deployment of facilities harnessing wind, waves, and ocean currents to generate electricity.  These developments pose new risks to undersea cables and have sharpened spatial conflicts in the marine environment, particularly as the energy and telecommunications facilities are governed by different treaty and national legal obligations.

Kent is an expert on telecommunications regulation and international trade and investment and leads Wiltshire & Grannis’s international practice.  He regularly represents undersea cable operators, wireline and wireless carriers, and infrastructure suppliers in all aspects of their businesses, including communications and environmental permitting, market access and foreign investment, national security and law enforcement, export controls and economic sanctions, and the law of the sea.

SubOptic (the organization) promotes the undersea telecommunications industry and educates its members.  Its triennial conference—known this year as SubOptic 2013, focusing on enabling the next generation of networks and services, and taking place in Paris, France—is the premier gathering for the undersea telecommunications industry, with master classes, industry workshops, and an exhibit hall designed to foster the exchange of information and ideas.

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